Friday, October 24, 2008

Mighty Munster Bike Park

Musgrave Park in Cork could really do with a few Bike stands. At the moment there is roughly parking space for about 4 Bikes! (which works out ok for me because I think I'm the only person who cycles to matches! Most either walk or park some distance away and walk.)

2 of these spaces are at the traffic pole down the road a bit and possibly 2 at the cable supporting the telephone pole just to the right of the entrance.
OK there's a few more poles but they're no good if you have a U-lock.
What about all the railings to the left of the entrance? I hear you say. Well these are usually cordoned off for priority parking on match days. Maybe if there were more stands provided, fans would actually cycle to the matches! How radical is that!
Come to think of it, how much bike parking is available at Thomond Park? I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate a lot less traffic clogging up the streets on big match days!


Blogger John said...

Re: "Mighty Musgrave"
Dear Cork Cycling Campaign,
the only thing I notice in your picture is a car parked wholly on a footpath. Was that the point? Or so common as to be past-remarkable. Yet another sign of the zero status of pedestrians in this country, and the "anti-social" behaviour endemic among Irish adults.

John Murray
Maynooth Cycling Campaign

8:39 AM  

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