Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Bicycle Parking in Cork

The government want to put supports in place to encourage more people to cycle. That is good news. But its bicycle purchase scheme, and even good cycle paths are not enough on their own to win hearts and minds. In my opinion three things in particular need attention to make cycling more popular:
1. There is a need for a lot more bicycle parking;
2. A lot more employers need to provide shower and changing facilities for their staff;
3. All drivers, especially bus and lorry drivers, need to get on their bikes once in a while to see how much they put us at risk when they do not show us adequate care on the road.


Blogger corkdave said...

Lack of secure bike parking is the No. 1 reason that seasoned cyclists don't bike to work, or so says Transportation Alternatives, a U.S.-based advocacy organisation for bicycling, walking and public transport.
They have done work to encourage more employers to allow their staff to bring their bikes into their offices. See great photos and story at
Is it worth trying something similar here in Cork?

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